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About London SadFest

London SadFest is a unique film festival that celebrates and explores the world of sad films.

The first weekend in March will see the first ever London SadFest - a film festival dedicated to only showing sad films. As far as we know there is no other film festival like it in the world.

We really want this to be festival - in the sense of coming to together in a sense of community and celebration. That's why the festival will include speakers, music and spoken word events to compliment the films.

Why did we decide to do a festival of sad films? Festival organiser, Steve Todd says "I love really sad films. I love the way they get us to face things that we usually run away from. In fact there are so many true sad stories, but we all seem to be doing our best to pretend like they don't exist - maybe we're scared we will be overwhelmed. I think if you can bear to face and open up to sadness then you find something wonderful. Maybe you call it catharsis or love. There is a kind of joy in being able to care, being able to feel for others. It's the heart of compassion. Or as the late Leonard Cohen said 'There is a crack in everything. That's how the light gets in.'"

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